Conscious Empathy

The Art of Heart at Work

Conscious Empathy

The Art of Heart at Work

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What is Conscious Empathy?

In business, empathy has been considered a soft skill. While it may not be technical, it is powerful.

In a recent research study by on empathy, they defined it as “the
skill of connecting with others to identify and understand their thoughts,
perspective, and emotions; and demonstrating that understanding with intention,
care, and concern

Empathy has been seen as a warm, fuzzy concept – like peace, love, and happiness.

Empathy can be cognitive – – I think I understand what you are thinking.

It can be emotional – – I am affected by the distress or inequity I see in the world.

Or it can be compassionate – – How can I help?

Conscious empathy is an active response developed through awareness. Rather than making assumptions about an employee’s concerns, an empathetic leader acknowledges and engages with an employee to develop understanding.

Conscious empathy is outside of yourself to address someone else’s needs. Unless someone speaks kindly, offers to listen, withholds judgment, or collaborates to complete a project or work towards a goal, nothing happens.

We remain isolated from each other – physically distant or ideologically remote.

You have an opportunity to develop a caring emotional culture with the intentional and deliberate changes you make today and encourage tomorrow.


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