How do we create a positive change with empathy?

Relationships are more important than salary to many employees.

In 2021, 54% surveyed left a job because their boss wasn’t empathetic to their struggles at work or in their personal lives (49%).

Belonging and feeling valued by one’s boss is critical to reducing an employee’s intention to leave.

When no changes are made after a company survey and employees do not receive any communication about the results, they disengage. Speaking up begins to feel futile and employees lose confidence in management.

More than 8 in 10 employees say that it is important to work for an organization where diversity in perspectives are valued.

Trust issues are such a large concern that 26% do not feel comfortable raising ethical concerns.

Rebuilding trust with honest and empathic communication can increase productivity, performance, and employee engagement.

We need to make a choice for empathic action to take place. That’s why it’s conscious. You can understand mentally, you can feel another’s perspective, but the moment that you use your compassionate choice to do something

you become a catalyst for positive change.